Flower seeds promotional gift

Giving seeds as gifts is ideal for any occasion. Flowers have a special meaning, and they are a lovely personal gift to give. At seeds4garden, you can personalise your flower seed promotional gift by having the seed packets printed with a unique and personal message. Our seeds are guaranteed to flower, leaving a long-lasting, positive impression for the recipient. You can choose from the following products:
  • (Pre-made) Greengift based on flower type
  • Custom printed seed packets in a range of flowers
  • Plantable Seed Paper

Plantable seed paper

Another original, personal gift is plantable seed paper printed with a personal message. Plantable seed paper (also known as growing paper) consists of two layers of paper with flower seeds between the sheets. When you plant growing paper in the garden or pot, the seeds will sprout and grow. It is also possible to print a personal message on plantable seed paper in different colours – suitable for any occasion. Seed paper confetti boxes containing heart-shaped flower seed paper confetti give a colourful reminder of a romantic wedding. They are also ideal for bridesmaids to sprinkle over the bridal couple. Growing paper with a personal message is a lovely reminder of a valuable colleague's farewell and printed with the logo or slogan of a company, it makes a distinctive promotional gift or striking promotional material. With printed growing paper, you have an original and durable gift for every occasion.

Flower seeds gift

Flowers have a special meaning, and therefore they are perfect for giving as a present on different occasions. We are happy to provide you with some suggestions:
  • Sunflowers symbolise positive feelings such as cheerfulness, zest for life and happiness. If you want to make someone happy or give your home warmth, a Greengift with sunflowers is charming to give as a gift. For example, celebrate your wedding day with wedding favours or wedding gifts.
  • Forget-Me-Nots are lovely to give as a reminder of a special occasion, such as a team farewell party or loyal colleagues.
  • Are you pregnant? Announce the happy news to your loved ones by giving custom flower seeds as a pregnancy announcement, such as our four-leaf clover seed boxes. We have a range of Greengift products available for different occasions, so you will always find a flower seed gift to suits your wishes.

Flower Seed Gift Examples (when you click on the image, you will be directed to the page to add the Greengift to the shopping cart and then order).
A personalised gift makes an impression. Make your Greengift even more special by having the flower seeds printed with a personal message. This way, you have a gift that is fun to give and to receive. First, select the desired flower type. Then the seeds are nicely packaged in a folded four-colour card, on which your unique and personal message is printed.

Make an impression at any occasion with personalised flower seed packets! For example, think of
  • Wedding favours. You can print the flower seed packets to give as a thank you at a wedding. By printing the seed packets with a personal message, you provide the guests with an unforgettable memory.
  • A special occasion. Have the bags printed with a personal message for a farewell, a move or design personalised thank you notes for a special event.
  • Birth announcements with flower seeds. With personalised seed packets, you create an original birth announcement and make a baby's arrival even more beautiful. Therefore, have the seed packets printed with the name of the baby or a special wish.
  • A business gift or business promotional material. The seed packets are also an original idea for this. For example, have them printed with the logo or slogan of your company.


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