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Grapevine for sale online at Seeds4Garden. We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Buy Grapevine easily online!
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      Grapevine for sale online

      Grapevine for sale online in our webshop for delicious grapes straight from the garden. Vine or Vitis vinifera is a prolific climber that blooms profusely, thriving in the southern countries of Europe. Vitis vinifera produces both white and purple grapes which are used for either wine or as table grapes. One delightful variety of vine to consider is ‘Boskoop Glory”. This hardy plant produces a lot of fruit, and its purple grapes pack a flavoursome punch. Similarly, the white grape variety Early Van de Laan is just as delicious. This famous vine is popular for the juicy, sweet grapes it produces. Browse our webshop and buy your favourite vine online.

      Planting grapevine

      Plant a grapevine in your garden and enjoy delicious, sweet fruit. Growing grapes is easier than you think. Grapes love sunshine, and the more sun they get, the sweeter they become. Plant this creeper in a sunny spot with easy access to a trellis or pergola so that it can establish itself with its twisting and climbing branches. If you choose to plant multiple grapevines, plant them at least two meters apart to allow room to grow. Did you know that all European grape varieties originally came from a region in Georgia? Or that the Greeks and Romans discovered grapes via the ancient Egyptians? As viniculture spread across the world, it was the Romans who established the first vineyards in England as well.

      Grapevine pruning

      Pruning grapevine is vital to ensure that it flowers beautifully, enjoys vigorous growth and produces an abundant harvest of fruit. Maintaining a grapevine is relatively straightforward and consists of a summer prune and a winter prune. If you want the very best from your vine, it is important you do not skip giving it a prune when it is due. Prune back to the second eye bud on each cane.

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