Safety: What is Ogone?

Ogone is an online payment processing company. We help online retailers to provide clear and user-friendly payment pages on their websites to make it easier for you to make payments online. If you see the Ogone logo and the words "Payment Processed by Ogone" on a checkout page, you can be confident that your payment will be made quickly and your details will be kept secure.

Safety: How do I know if my payment has been successful?

After you've entered your payment details, you'll normally get an order confirmation message on the screen and/or by email. If you haven't received any confirmation, you should contact the web shop where you placed your order to find out if your transaction was successful. Please note, Ogone is not authorised to provide customers with this information.

Safety: Why do I need to confirm my payment with a code?

After you've entered your credit card details, you may be displayed a screen which asks you to verify your details with a code or password (either branded 'Verified by VISA' or 'MasterCard SecureCode'). This means the bank or financial organisation where your card was issued requires you to verify your ID to prevent anyone else from using your credit card - for instance if your card was lost or stolen. If you experience any difficulties during this verification process or if you have any further questions, we advise you to contact your bank or the company who issued your credit card. As it’s your bank that requires you to verify your identity, Ogone has no involvement in this process.


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