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Carrot seeds for sale

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    Carrot Berlikumer 2 (Long Autumn and Winter)

    4000 carrot seeds
    1.79 0.99

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    Carrot Autumn King 2, improved selection EKO

    1100 carrot seeds
    2.29 1.79

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    Carrot Harlekin mix (Summer and Autumn)

    450 carrot seeds
    2.29 1.79

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    Carrot Nantes 2 Topfix (Halflong Summer and Autumn)
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    Parsnip half-long Gladiator F1

    110 Parsnip seeds
    2.29 1.79

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    Carrot, half long summer and autumn Jeanette F1 EKO
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    Specialties Carrots Rainbow F1

    Specialties Carrots Rainbow F1

    400 carrot seeds

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    Carrot Resistofly F1 (Halflong summer and autumn)
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    Carrot Amsterdamse Bak 2 Amfine (Halflong Summer)
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    Carrot Sugarsnax 54 F1 (Long Summer and Autumn)
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    Black salsify Duplex (Scorzonera black)
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    Carrot Nantes 2 Seedtape EKO

    Carrot Nantes 2 Seedtape EKO

    1 carrot seeds

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      Carrot seeds for sale for your vegetable garden

      Do you have a garden and are you looking for new carrot seeds to sow in your vegetable garden? Then, at you came to the right address! We have selected the best carrot seed for you. Carrot seeds are an essential vegetable for your kitchen garden. Without carrots your kitchen garden is simply not complete.

      Carrots from your own garden are the best!

      Carrots from your own garden always taste better than the carrots from the supermarket. Besides that, harvesting your own carrots saves on the groceries and watching carrots grow is a party in itself. From an emerging sprig to a mature carrot, taking care of your carrot plants is a fun hobby that eventually ensures delicious fresh carrots.

      Types of carrot seed

      At buy seeds online we have different types of carrot seed that are good to use in a salad, pasta or stew. Some of these types are:


      • Purple Haze carrot seed
      • Rothhild carrot seed
      • Amsterdam Amfine carrot seed
      • Carrot Berlikumer seed
      • Organic Rothild Winter carrot seed


      When should I sow carrot seeds?

      Most carrot seed is sown in the spring. Preferably around the months of March and April. For a successful harvest it is advisable to sow the carrot seeds in different rows. Do not sow the seeds too close to one another. This may lead to the emerging carrots oppressing each other and not reaching full maturity. Before sowing your carrot seeds, always read the instructions on the packaging.

      Buy carrot seeds ?

      Nowadays, you can buy carrot seeds very easily. We have carrot seeds for sale through the website and you can buy them by putting the seeds in your shopping cart. Next, click on ‘purchase now’ to make the payment. Within several days you can sow the carrot seed in your vegetable garden.

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