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Onion bunching / welsh, Ishikura Long White

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Onion bunching / welsh, Ishikura Long White
Onion bunching / welsh, Ishikura Long White
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Product description

Forms a fairly long white stem with firm and tubular onion leaves. A surprisingly fine flavour that goes well with exotic dishes. Best sown in a greenhouse or in the garden in seedbeds up to mid May. Sow thinly, cover the seeds well, and when the plants are a pencil's thickness, transplant to a plant hole 18 cm deep. Allow the plant and roots to reach the bottom, and water a little. The plant hole fills as the plant grows.


Delivery time1 day
Locationfull shade
half shade
full sun
CharacteristicsVegetable Garden
CategoryOnions seeds
Product codeSL0530
Unit550 Seeds
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