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Planting Dahlia bulbs

Posted on 27-12-2023 by thartog_stramark.nl

Dahlia bulbs specification

Height:  40-60cm
Spread:  10-25cm
Period for planting Dahlia bulbs:  March to May
Dahlia flowering period:  June to November

Planting Dahlia bulbs - instructions

Dahlia plants bring your garden to life

From bright yellows to pastel pink colours, flowers with dots to flowers with stripes, anemone-like blooms to those that look more like the blossoms of orchids; dahlia plants come in all shapes and sizes. Originally from Mexico, these beauties add a burst of welcome colour to every garden, terrace or balcony. Whether planted in a garden border, pot or displayed as a cut flower in a vase; dahlias can transform dull borders into an eye-catching display and bring a cheerful, summery atmosphere to any balcony or terrace. Gardeners love Dahlia’s for their easy-care nature and beautiful flowers that come in all colours of the rainbow. In gardens around the world you will find; single-flowering varieties, anemone-style varieties, neck-collar dahlias, waterlily dahlias, dark leaf dahlias, pompon dahlias, (semi-) cactus dahlias and other decorative varieties. Dahlias are truly versatile and suitable for every garden. However, how do you plant a dahlia? What care do they need? How do you ensure they flower long and exuberantly? So how can you enjoy a dahlia as a cut flower for an extended time?

Planting dahlias in the garden

Planting dahlias in the garden is not at all difficult. The best time of year is around mid-May when the risk of frost has almost disappeared. Plant the tubers about two centimetres below the ground and leave around 50 to 80 centimetres of space between each one. As with many other species, you get the best effect if you plant your dahlias in an odd number as it gives the garden a more natural appearance. When planting large plants, three is usually enough for a full, beautiful forest effect. This is also true of dahlias. The best place in the garden for dahlias is positioned in the sun in nutritious, well-drained soil. For dahlias to flower lushly, they need at least half a day of sunshine. You can tell by the plant’s appearance when it is getting too much shade as it will become limp and produce very few flowers. Pre-plant in a pot and leave them in a well-lit, warm place in the house, shade house or greenhouse. Around mid-May, they can be moved outside in a container or planted straight into the garden border.

What care do dahlia plants need?

Dahlias are low-maintenance, hardy plants that do not require much care. Water regularly for good growth and rich flowering. Regular fertilisation also helps the plants to thrive. Dahlias contain a lot of moisture, and it is, therefore, important to remove them from the ground during the first frost and store in a dry, cool and frost-free location until they can go back into the ground in mid-May. The flowers of dahlias are indeed a feast for the eyes, but how do you ensure that your plants will flower abundantly? For this to happen, it is crucial to prune slightly after planting them during the growing season. Cut large shoots back to around two or three branches. By cutting them back you ensure that the plant produces more branches and grows fuller and broader. Additionally, it is also important to regularly remove faded flowers.

Beautiful Dahlia bouquets in the vase

Dahlia plants produce ideal cut flowers with which you can make beautiful bouquets. Pick different colours from your garden to create your bouquet or combine dahlias with gerbera, roses, peonies, carnations or cornflowers for a beautiful, striking field bouquet. You can also make stunning summer bouquets using dahlias in combination with bellflowers, small scabious, violets and triplet lily. To enjoy your cut dahlias in a vase for even longer, here are a few tips: Pick the flowers early in the morning or in the evening and cut them diagonally with a sharp knife. Dahlias need a lot of water in a vase - just like in the garden. And don't forget to add a drop of chlorine to the water. This ensures that the water stays cleaner, and your flowers will stay beautiful for a day longer. If you apply these tips, you can enjoy your bouquet of dahlias for at least a week.

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