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Sugar Leaf / Stevia - Buzzy

Buy Stevia Seeds online?

Buy Stevia Seeds online today. Are you planning on growing a herb garden and would you like to grow Stevia (Sugar plant) too? Then you have come to the right place! At Seeds4Garden.com you can buy the very best and highest quality herb seeds online. If you’re looking to cut down on calories or lessen your sugar intake, then growing Stevia is a wonderful option. Stevia is a wonderful sugar substitute as it is a calorie-free, natural sweetener. Stevia leaves can be used fresh or dried. Drink is as a tea or add it to desserts, drinks and fruit salads. It’s a great little plant. So buy your stevia seeds online at Seeds4Garden.com today!

How do I sow Stevia Seeds?

Stevia requires a minimum temperature of 20 degrees to germinate and can therefore best be sown indoors in February. Stevia seedlings can be re-planted in the garden from mid-May, in pots if you like. Stevia is not winter hardy. If you would like your stevia plants to last through winter, simply bring the pots inside as it gets colder (in a greenhouse or garage). Sowing and growing instructions are provided on the herb seed packet. Please follow them carefully for best results.

Buy Stevia Seeds?

Would you like to grow Stevia and other herb seeds in your garden? Then buy them today in our shop. Select the herb seeds of your choice, add them to your shopping cart and complete the payment via our website. The seeds will be packed by us and sent to the address you provided. You will receive your Stevia seeds and other herb seeds within a couple of days. Start sowing and enjoy!

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