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Avena Sativa seeds for sale

Avena Sativa seeds for sale at Your online store for your high quality herb seeds, flower seeds and vegetable seeds.
    Cat grass

    Cat grass

    100 herb seeds
    £ 2.79

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      Buy Avena Sativa Seeds online?

      Buy Avena Sativa Seeds online today! Are you looking for quality Avena Sativa seeds to plant in your herb garden? Then you have come to the right place! At you can buy the very best and highest quality herb seeds online. Avena Sativa is much loved and eaten by house cats. It’s a great remedy for getting rid of hair balls, which is why they eat it. Avena Sativa is a fast grower and you’ll do your cats a great service by growing it. Give your beloved pet relief from hairballs and buy your avena sativa seeds today. You can start sowing immediately!

      How do I sow Avena Sativa Seeds?

      Avena Sativa Seeds are easy to propagate from seed and you can grow it throughout the year. Simply fill a pot with soil and sprinkle the seeds on the earth. The seeds will germinate and grow within ten days. Please read the sowing instructions provided with your herb seeds and follow the instructions on the packet for best results.

      Buy Avena Sativa Seeds?

      Do you know which herbs you would like to grow in your herb garden and would you like to grow Avena Sativa too? Then buy them today in our shop. Select the herb seeds of your choice, add them to your shopping cart and complete the payment via our website. The seeds will be packed by us and sent to the address you provided. You will receive your Avena Sativa seeds and other herb seeds within a couple of days.

      Have fun gardening and enjoy!

      Avena Sativa is also known as Cat Grass or Barley

      Seeds4Garden review Rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.