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Broccoli Green Calabrese Natalino EKO
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Bio Broccoli Green Calabrese
Broccoli Sprouts - Buzzy Organic Sprouts
Organic Sprouting Spicy Mix - Buzzy

Buy organic seeds online at seeds4garden.com

Organic gardening has never been more popular. If you want to grow organic produce, you will want the best organic seeds (BIO/EKO seeds) of the highest quality. Many gardeners own a vegetable garden and enjoy home-grown vegetables and fruit from their own patch of land. Organic vegetable and flower seeds are an excellent choice for the ecologically conscious gardener who wants the best for his family. In our webshop, you will find a large variety of organic seeds. Buy organic seeds online at seeds4garden.com.

What are organic seeds?

Organic seeds are seeds where the production process is organic from start to finish. No chemical pesticides are used to cultivate these seeds, and no chemical fertiliser is used during cultivation. Organic seeds use animal or vegetable-based fertilisers. You can recognise organic products by the European organic Skal Foundation label. The requirements that organic products must meet are strict. Skal Foundation checks whether products meet these requirements. There is a wide range of organic seeds to choose from. These seeds grow into colourful and fragrant flowering plants, delicious herbs and tasty vegetables. Do you like dill, oregano, tomatoes and green beans? Do you want to buy organic seeds? Visit our webshop and buy your favourite organic seeds online. organic seeds

Which organic seeds can you buy seeds4garden.com?

You can buy a wide range of organic seeds at seeds4garden.com. We carry a wide range of organically cultivated seeds. Organic vegetable seeds, organic flower seeds, and organic herb seeds from the well-known Sluis Garden brand. The organic seeds from Sluis Garden are consistently high quality and have user-friendly packaging, allowing for easy planting.

Buy certified organic seeds from Sluis Garden

The certified organic seeds from Sluis Garden are not genetically manipulated or grown using chemical pesticides and/or other artificial interventions. These seeds have an attractive price and are of the highest quality. The range of BIO seeds is increasing. During cultivation, particular attention is paid to germination and the growth quality of the plants so that you are assured of top quality and 100% organic products. Organic seeds are grown, cleaned and packaged according to the organic production method, recorded and checked by the SKAL foundation – number 026035/NL-BIO-01.

Grow beautiful flowers with organic flower seeds

We offer an extensive range of organic flowers for you to cultivate, such as lavender and colourful nasturtiums. Lovely cosmos, sweet peas (Lathyrus), and organic flower mixes, specially cultivated to attract bees and butterflies. Let the most beautiful flowers grow and bloom in your garden by sowing organic flower seeds. Most seeds can be planted in the spring, between March and May. The seeds grow into strong flowers that often bloom between July and September. Organic flower seeds are for sale online in our webshop.

Home-grown vegetables with organic vegetable seeds

Grow vegetables in your own garden with organic vegetable seeds and harvest the tastiest home-grown vegetables. Grow lettuce and cucumber, zucchini and eggplant, carrots, green beans and garlic. Tip. Plant organic vegetable seeds together with your (grand)children. Children find it a fun activity to do together. It’s not only educational, but it’s also quality family time. Buy organic vegetable seeds and herb seeds and cultivate, harvest and cook the tastiest meals from your own garden.

How to grow organic seeds, and is it difficult?

Growing organic vegetable or flower seeds is not difficult. It is nice to have biodegradable seedling pots at home. Fill the pots with a special potting mix. Fill them just below the rim, scatter the seeds in the pot and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Water the pots regularly. Never water too much because the earth should not get too wet. A plant sprayer is very suitable for this. The seedling pots can now be placed in a cultivation container with a transparent lid. Place the box in a light, warm place. The seeds will slowly start to germinate and grow into seedlings. As soon as the first official leaves appear on the plants, the plants can be transplanted outside. Place the plants in a sheltered spot in the garden, and they will grow into the most beautiful flowers and the most delicious vegetables. If you want to fully enjoy beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables, buy your organic seeds early in the season, to cultivate indoors.

Buy organic seeds online

Do you want to buy organic seeds? Purchase your organic seeds online at seeds4garden.com. These are guaranteed the best quality seeds online, growing into the most beautiful vegetables and flowers.

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