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Buy Calendula Seeds online?

Buy your Calendula (Pot Marigold) Seeds online. Calendula (also known as Pot Marigolds) are old time favourites. Did you know that calendula’s have been renowned for their medicinal purposes by ancient civilizations for ages, like the Romans and the Greeks? Calendula’s are beautiful flowering plants that bloom in the most intense shades of bright orange and sunny yellows. Calendula is a beautiful addition to any garden and they are very easy to grow. The seeds are also an excellent choice for inexperienced gardeners or children as they can be literally thrown on the earth and forgotten about and you can still raise beautiful flowering plants. So why not order your calendula seeds online with us today and brighten up your garden with this beautiful flower.

When should I sow Calendula Seeds?

Sow Calendula (Pot Marigold) seeds in March or April and you can enjoy beautifully flowering Calendula’s during summer. Pot Marigolds aren’t fussy in regards to soil types and require little care and attention. The only thing to keep in mind is that calendula’s are sun loving plants, so be sure to sow them in a bright sunny spot in the garden. If you choose to sow calendula seeds in the summer and autumn, your calendula’s will flower the following summer. For specific growing instructions, please read the information on the seed packet for best results.

Buy Calendula Seeds

Do you love the rich and intense coloured Calendula as much as we do and would you like to see them flowering in your garden? Order your Calendula seeds online with us today. Simply select the calendula seeds of your choice in our shop and click “add to cart”. Once your payment is completed, you will receive your calendula seeds at home within a couple of days. Start sowing and enjoy!

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