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Sweet Lavender, Violet Blue, Verani EKO
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Lavender (Lavendula) is a lovely fragrant flower for your flower garden. Are you looking for lavender seeds to plant in your flower garden? Then you came to the right place at buy seeds online! We have selected the most beautiful lavender for you. By planting lavender in your garden you can feel like you are in France.

Your own grown lavender smells the best

Of course you can go to the flower shop to buy some bunches of lavender and plant these in your garden. However, it is much nicer, more exciting and more rewarding to sow your own lavender. After all, your own grown lavender always smells better than the lavender you buy. The beauty of lavender is that you can enjoy this wonderful flower for years.

When should I sow lavender seeds?

In most cases you sow lavender seeds in late spring. Preferably in the months from March up to June. To do justice to the lavender, it is recommended that you sow the seeds in the full sun and in rich soil. You do need to ensure that the lavender seeds are not placed too close to one another. Before sowing your flower seeds always read the accompanying instructions.

Pruning lavender

Pruning lavender should be done as soon as the season’s strongest frost is over. Usually this is around the months of March and April. With a pruning shears you cut the lavender plants back to approximately a third. Do not prune the plant so it is completely bald, always ensure that there are still leaves on the lavender, otherwise the lavender plant will not grow any more.

Buy lavender?

You can buy lavender seeds very easily through our webshop. Order lavender through the website. Simply buy the seeds by putting them into your shopping cart. Next, click on ‘purchase now’ to make the payment. Within several days you can sow the lavender in your flower garden.

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