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Buy Nicotiana Seeds online?

Buy your Nicotiana Seeds online. Nicotiana is an ornamental tobacco plant with beautiful flowers. Some varieties also smell lovely. There are only a few nicotiana varieties from which tobacco is made (by drying the leaves). Yet all nicotiana plants are stunning and a wonderful addition to your garden. Buy your nicotiana seeds online at Seeds4Garden.com today!

How do I sow Nicotiana Seeds?

Sow your Nicotiana Seeds indoors From mid-March to mid-April and lightly cover them with soil. You can transplant the seedlings out into the garden from mid-May, in the sun or partial shade. Be careful with snails and take the necessary precautions to combat them, as they simply love nicotiana leaves. Nicotiana blooms from July until autumn sets in. Read and follow the sowing and growing instructions on the seed packet for best results.

Buy Nicotiana seeds

If you would like to add Nicotiana to your garden, buy your Nicotiana seeds online. Add the seeds to your shopping cart and complete the payment steps. Your seeds will be delivered to your home address within a couple of days.

Have fun gardening and enjoy!

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