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Red and White Campion - Silene

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1-jan - 31-dec
600 Stuks / Pièces / Stück
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Red and White Campion - Silene
Red and White Campion - Silene
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Product description

A native of Holland. The name of the "Day Cuckoo Flower" refers to the pink flowers that are open during the day. The name of the "Evening Cuckoo Flower" refers to the opening of the white flowers in the evening. The cuckoo flowers are mainly found in the woods, along the edge of the woods, meadows, and other brushwood. The preferred soil is sandy, nutrient-rich, and calcareous. Flowering is early, rich and lasts a long time. In the evening, the flowers spread a sweet fragrance, causing moths to visit the plant frequently.


Delivery time1 day
CategoryMeadow flowers seeds
EAN Code8711441169608
Product codeSL6960
Unit600 Seeds
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