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Herb plants for sale

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    6 herb seeds
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      Herb Seeds for Sale Online UK

      Herb Seeds are for sale online in the UK via our webshop. There is always room for herb plants in the garden. In every backyard, on every terrace, on each balcony and in every windowsill. And growing herbs is fun too. Herbs in the garden provide of colour and scent. Bumblebees, bees and butterflies love them too. Plus: Nothing is more satisfying – and tastier – than making garlic butter with fresh home-grown parsley, basil or thyme. Make tea with different kinds of mint and lemon balm. Give ice cream a finishing touch by garnishing it with a fresh mint leaf. Or sprinkle finely chopped chives over freshly cooked salmon. These are just a few favourite herb plants that we love to grow in our English gardens.

      Herbal Plants

      There are many different types of herb plants you can grow from seed. And each plant has its unique growing requirements. Many Mediterranean herb plants are very drought resistant and can be grown in full sun. Other more delicate herbs do well in moist, organically rich soil and partial shade. Grow herbs in pots that you can place anywhere you like. Or grow herbs to fill up any open spaces in your flower borders. Most herb plants thrive in our English climate. All they really need is a little sunshine, nutrients and water to grow well. Herbs are wonderful to cook with and to look at. Some herbs will also provide you with lovely flowers which can even be used in your recipes (depending on the variety). If you wish to grow your own herbs, they are for sale via our webshop in the UK.

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