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Seed Potatoes

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Seed Potatoes For Sale

Seed potatoes for sale online. Nothing beats harvesting and eating your own home-grown potatoes. You need special seed potatoes to grow potato crops. Plant seed potatoes in your vegetable patch and after about 90 to 150 days you can start harvesting them, depending on the potato variety. The potato is native to South America and is eaten all over the world. The plant is related to the tomato, capsicum and eggplant. Only the potatoes are edible, the white, yellow, pink or purple flowers and the leaves of the plant are not edible. Tip: if you do not have a vegetable patch, you can plant your seed potatoes in a container or other type of planter. Seed potatoes are for sale online in our webshop.

Seed Potatoes Types

Seed potatoes come in many different types and varieties. Well over a thousand in fact. They are available different shapes, sizes, weights and harvest periods. Seed potato Eigenheimer is a floury, early season potato. Seed potato Irene is a late season variety that can be kept well during winter. For early harvesting potatoes, you can expect a harvest approximately a kilo of potatoes, while a late variety will yield a harvest of 2.5 kilos. Store potatoes in a dark, cool, dry area – if possible refrigerated – and they will keep for several months. Store them too warm and they will start sprouting. Potatoes are wonderful, versatile vegetables excellent for cooking, baking, frying and mashing. Buy your favourite seed potatoes online in our webshop.

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