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Head cabbage seeds

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White Cabbage Express
White Cabbage, Early flat Dutch Brunswijker
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White Cabbage (Express) Filderkraut
Savoy Cabbage Di Napoli Tardivo
White Cabbage Texas F1 PRO
Savoy cabbage Bloemendaalse Gele EKO

Head cabbage seeds for sale online?

Head cabbage seeds for sale online. Headed cabbage is an English vegetable garden classic. Cabbages have been grown and enjoyed for thousands of years. Winter cabbages especially are an important source of vitamins and minerals. Cabbages can be added to delicious heart-warming winter stews or used in stir-fry dishes. It is a very versatile vegetable! And if you like sauerkraut, why not try growing white cabbage? Sauerkraut is easy to make yourself. The three main ingredients are shredded cabbage, salt and time. Head Cabbage has a low calorie count and sauerkraut is a diuretic. Which makes it a winter diet super food. Check our website to view our varieties of cabbage seeds for sale, like red cabbage, white cabbage, Chinese cabbage and Savoy cabbage. Would you like to grow cabbage seeds in your kitchen garden? Browse through our web-shop and buy your cabbage seeds online.

How to grow head cabbage seeds?

It is easy to grow head cabbage seeds. Sow cabbage seeds from January to March. Some cabbage seeds can also be sown in June. Sow head cabbage seeds in seed trays or in a seedbed. Preferably under glass. Head cabbage seedlings can be planted out after two weeks. Protect young cabbages seedlings from birds by stretching nets across your vegetable plot, because birds love head cabbage seedlings! You can sow cabbage seeds outdoors from March. Be sure to sow cabbage seeds in full sun. Cabbages need plenty of sun and rich fertile garden soil to be able to develop well. Please read the sowing instructions on the seedling packet of your head cabbage seeds carefully for best results. It contains all the information you need on sowing, planting cabbage seeds as well as harvesting time.

Buy head cabbage seeds online?

Buy head cabbage seeds online. Would you like to grow your own cabbage seeds? Buying cabbage seeds online is easy and efficient. Simply place your order by clicking on the "add to cart" button and pay by selecting the "checkout" option. You will receive the cabbage seeds of your choice within a couple of days, delivered to you by Royal Mail. Your order will be processed quickly and professionally. You will receive your head cabbage seeds within a few days at home, ready to start sowing and planting your cabbages in the vegetable garden in no time! Have fun gardening!

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