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Sweet Corn Earlibird F1 - Zea Mays

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Sweet Corn Earlibird F1 - Zea Mays
Sweet Corn Earlibird F1 - Zea Mays
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Product description

Sweet Corn Earlibird F1 - Zea Mays. The height is only 100-125 cm and therefore less sensitive to the wind — an early extra sweet corn, suitable raw or cooked. Also ideal for the somewhat colder weather conditions. Best sown directly in the garden in rows. Sweet corn prefers higher temperatures, so do not sow outside before mid-May. The soil temperature must also be at least 10°C. Corn is a wind-pollinated plant, so it is better to grow in 2 short rows next to one another rather than one long row. Corn is ripe once the tassel becomes dark and withered. Sluis Garden, quality seeds from Holland.


Delivery time1 day
planting monthMay
Locationhalf shade
full sun
Flowering monthAugust
Plant height60 cm and above
CharacteristicsVegetable Garden
CategoryMais seeds
Product codeSL0746
Unit17 Seeds
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