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Parsnip seeds for sale online?

Parsnip seeds for sale online. Parsnips are one of those lovely old fashioned vegetables that are nearly forgotten (try our popular ‘Seeds Collection Old Veggies). And that is a real shame. Parsnips are dependable root vegetables that can be used in many delicious recipes (soup!). Dependable meaning that they are in season when little else is. The parsnip is a root vegetable and actually looks like a white carrot. It tastes slightly bitter, like many other root vegetables, like turnips and radishes, do. A quick browse on the Internet will reveal hundreds of recipes for you to try out. And you will be amazed at how versatile this little vegetable is! Would you like to grow parsnips seeds in your vegetable garden? Browse through our web shop and buy your parsnip seeds online at Garden Centre Koeman today.

How to grow parsnip seeds?

It is easy to grow parsnip seeds. Sow parsnip seeds from April for a successful crop. Sowing earlier may result in crop failure, as it can be too cold for the seeds to germinate. For earlier sowing, sowing indoors or in a greenhouse is recommended. Sowing parsnips seeds outside in a seedbed: mark out straight lines in the seedbed, water the earth (to allow the seeds to ‘stick’ to the earth) and sow the seeds in the resulting ridges for an attractive vegetable garden. Be sure to give your plants room to grow and avoid sowing them too close together. As parsnips are root vegetables, they can tolerate shade reasonably well, but all vegetables need light to grow. The best time to harvest parsnips is after the first frost. Cold temperatures will actually sweeten parsnip roots, making them tastier to eat.

Buy parsnip seeds online?

Buy parsnip seeds online. Would you like to grow your own parsnip seeds? Buying parsnip seeds online from the comfort of your own home is quick and easy. Simply place your order by clicking on the "add to cart" button and pay via the "checkout" option. You will receive the parsnip seeds of your choice within a couple of days, delivered to you by Royal Mail. Your order will be processed quickly and professionally. You will receive your parsnip seeds within a few days, ready to start sowing and planting parsnip seeds in your very own vegetable garden in no time! Have fun gardening!

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