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Pumpkin seeds for sale

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Pumpkin, Winter Squash, Spooktacular

Pumpkin, Winter Squash, Spooktacula..

8 pumpkin seeds
£ 2.49

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Pumpkin Golden Hubbard (Cucurb.Max.)

Pumpkin Golden Hubbard (Cucurb.Max...

12 flower seeds
£ 1.79

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Specialties Squash Early Summer Crookneck

Specialties Squash Early Summer Cro..

25 pumpkin seeds
£ 2.29

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Gourd or Yellow Pumpkin, Gele Reuzen

Gourd or Yellow Pumpkin, Gele Reuze..

10 pumpkin seeds
£ 2.49

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Buy Pumpkin seeds online?

Buy your pumpkin seeds online today. Pumpkins come in many different varieties, colours, shapes and sizes. Some pumpkins are grown primarily for decorative purposes and others can be eaten. Pumpkins really brighten your home and garden. And of course they’re wonderful to use in various sweet and savoury recipes. It's a lovely challenge to grow your very own beautiful pumpkins. So why not take a look in our shop and order your pumpkin seed at Seeds4Garden today.

How to sow Pumpkin seeds

The best time to sow pumpkin seeds is around mid-April. Indoors and in a greenhouse. Once the pumpkin seedlings have grown two or more leaves, you can plant them out in the garden. Don’t plant them out before the 15th of May though, as the nights are too cold. Harvest the pumpkins in September or October. If you follow the sowing instructions on the vegetable seed package carefully, then you’re off to go.

Buy Pumpkin Seeds?

If you love vegetable gardening, you will love growing Pumpkins. And buying them is easier than ever in our online webshop. Order them by placing the pumpkin seeds in your shopping cart. Then click the checkout option to complete the payment. You will receive your pumpkin seeds within a couple of working days. Enjoy!

Have fun gardening!

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